G&R Questar DKU emulation on the Web!

Note: the TSS and PASSTP applications accessible from this page are command line based applications, and therefore don't demonstrate the full range of Gweb's form handling features. To see an example of a more user-friendly, application using formatted screens try the TP8 demonstration, or the IBM 3270 or 5250 demonstrations.

The TSS demo requires that you have a valid User name, password and project for System J in Phoenix. These are not needed for the PASSTP and TP8 demonstrations. If you would like to run as a VIP7800 terminal try the VIP7800 demonstration.

Connect to node:
User name:

You must click the Connect button to connect, thereafter 'Enter' will function as 'Transmit' if there is only one field in the host form. Other­wise you must click transmit to send.