G&R IBM5250 emulation on the Web!

If you know the symbolic or numeric IP address of a TN5250 server and would like to try Gweb access to your own applications, choose the appropriate entry from the drop-down list and fill out the IP address field. If your application reads and reacts to the cursor position select the entry that gives buttons. There is also an IBM3270 demonstration.

If you are interested in Bull mainframe systems rather than IBM, try the VIP7800 or the Questar DKU demonstration.

Connect to node:
Symbolic/numeric IP address:

You must click the Connect button to connect, thereafter 'Enter' will function as 'Transmit' if there is only one field in the host form. Other­wise you must click transmit to send. If you are using an application that reads the cursor position (e.g. as menu choices) then click the radio-button that Gweb puts next to the field.