Welcome to the G&R/Gproxy information and demonstration pages. We hope you will find the information interesting, and that the demonstrations will convince you that G&R administrative applications can be put on the web simply, quickly and cheaply.

G&R/Gproxy is a network management system used to supervise usage of G&R Host Links applications in a network. Gproxy can be set up as a free-standing monitor in a small network or act as an 'SNMP proxy agent' in a larger network, reporting to one or more SNMP managers. Gproxy optionally writes the network events to a log for after-the-fact network fault investigation or analysis by user written applications. A very important function of Gproxy is 'load balancing' for G&R gateway applications so that client connections from other Host Links applications or copies of Glink are evenly spread among the available gateways.

Gproxy receives and acts on network related administrative data records which are optionally reported by G&R Host Links applications. The reports contain gateway statistics or detailed information about connections, disconnections, error events and backup-route switching.

Gproxy can be run in the foreground and report to the screen, or in the background and optionally generate its pages of information and statistics in HTML so that anyone with a web browser (and permission to do so) can monitor a Host Links network.

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